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Will gave a short, disbelieving laugh. “It’s true,” he said. “I am no hero.”
"No," Tessa said. "You are a person, just like me." His eyes searched her face, mystified; she held his hand tighter, lacing her fingers with his. "Don’t you see, Will? You’re a person like me. You are like me. You say the things I think but never say out loud. You read the books I read. You love the poetry I love. You make me laugh with your ridiculous songs and the way you see the truth of everything. I feel like you can look inside me and see all the places I am odd or unusual and fit your heart around them, for you are odd and unusual in just the same way.” With the hand that was not holding his, she touched his cheek, lightly. "We are the same."


GOB: Nobody makes a fool of our family without my help

Switch Hitter - 2x07


how many “take me to the museum and make out with me” posts can y’all make like damn you’re horny and pretentious we get it

❝ Because paper has more patience than people.
—  Anne Frank (via weaverofstars)


when u run out of things to say in an essay 



when u run out of things to say in an essay 



let it bro


New stills from Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

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